What legal rights do nursing home residents in Worcester have?

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Making the decision to move a family member into a nursing home is not always easy. However, it is sometimes the best choice available. When this decision is made, family members often trust that their loved ones will be kept as safe, secure, happy and healthy as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes, nursing home residents suffer serious injuries due to nursing home negligence. Victims in these cases have rights.

Nursing home residents have legal rights that are protected under federal regulations. Federal guidelines require that every nursing facility develop and implement certain written policies and procedures. These policies and procedures prohibit neglect, mistreatment and abuse of residents. Residents are entitled to receive in writing the rights and services they are entitled to during their stay.

These rights include many protections. For instance, residents have the right to see family members, physicians, service providers and representatives of the state and federal government. They also have the right to choose their own personal physician, and be fully informed about their medical care. Also, residents are able to refuse treatment if they so desire. And, of course, residents have the right to be free from any mental or physical abuse.

Sadly, there are cases of nursing home negligence where victims suffer physical or mental abuse at the hands of a medical professional. Such cases can be devastating for victims and their family members. Understandably, many may wish to bring negligent medical professionals or medical facilities to justice.

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