Workers’ comp benefits and returning to work

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Residents in Massachusetts typically go to work each week to pay the bills and save up money for other needs and wants in life. While going to work is routine and becomes part of an individual’s life, when an employee is injured on the job, this can drastically change his or her life. This not only disrupts their routine but also makes it difficult to make a living and pay their monthly bills. In such situations, workers’ compensation or workers’ comp can be extremely beneficial.

The benefits afforded from workers’ comp can be the difference between making ends meet and not. And when an injured worker is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, it is important to understand all the benefits afforded to the worker. Moreover, it is important to be aware of the ways these benefits could be impacted if and when an injured worker returns to work.

Typically, when a worker is injured, he or she will require medical care. Medical bills stemming form a work injury usually comes in the form of medical treatments, surgeries and prescriptions. Workers’ comp benefits could cover these expenses. Other losses covered by workers’ comp often include lost wages, vocational rehabilitation and other similar losses.

If an injured worker is seriously injured, this could leave them temporarily or permanently disabled. Medical documents that evidence these conditions could help the injured worker recover disability payments.

When an injured worker returns to work, if he or she is receiving a wage that is equal to or greater than the wage he or she was earning prior to the injury, it I likely that the workers’ compensation benefits will be stopped. However, if the injured worker is still experiencing a wage loss due to his or her injury, it is likely that wage loss benefits will remain.

Recovering from a workplace injury can be difficult. Such an accident likely alters the life of the worker, making it difficult to return to his or her old life. Injured workers should take the time to understand the right afforded to them, especially if they are entitled to workers’ comp benefits.

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