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August 2016 Archives

Current crash data for commercial bus crashes

Whether people rely on a bus to run errands, get to and from work or to take their children between school and home, these large vehicles are viewed as an efficient way to transport numerous passengers at one time. While many residents in Massachusetts will ride on buses as a regular form of transportation, these vehicles are still subject to the same safety concerns any motor vehicle is. Even more so, the large size of buses and their lack of safety restraints, in most cases, are likely to result in serious injuries for the passengers if a bus crash ensues.

Holding a negligent bus driver liable following a crash

For some, buses are a very reliable and necessary form of transportation. Whether you are taking a bus to and from school, for tourism or your daily commute, these large vehicles have the ability to transport numerous passengers to and from several destinations. While this can be an environmentally conscious and effective way to transport a large amount of passengers on roadways in Massachusetts and elsewhere, it unfortunately is not always a safe method of transportation.

How can accident reconstruction help after a car accident?

Whether you've been in an accident before or have only witnessed one happening, it is clear that an automobile collision can happen suddenly and the events leading up to and during the accident occur rather quickly. Therefore, accident victims are often left stunned and confused after the shock of the crash. It can also be difficult to recall everything that happened prior to and during the crash, making accident investigation very important.

Reducing and managing distractions for drivers

It seems like something new or better comes out each year, resulting in residents in Massachusetts and elsewhere purchasing these trendy gadgets or pieces of technology. While technological advancements provide many benefits, these advancements could prove to be very hazardous in certain circumstances. One place where these devices could be dangerous is in an automobile.

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