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June 2016 Archives

What are the signs and symptoms of whiplash?

For those in Massachusetts who have never been involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is likely that they have seen clips or images of a crash test. In those tests, dummies are used to determine the safety of a vehicle, helping researchers assess the injuries and damages caused in a given accident. Although a rear-end collision is common, especially during rush hour traffic, and frequently occur at low speeds, a rear-end accident causes the body of a driver or passenger to be thrown forward than backward.

Fatal school bus accidents are considered rare

While school age students in Massachusetts have been out of school for a few weeks now, they might be attending summer school. Therefore, parents still rely on a school bus to get their children to and from their home. While this is an effective mode of transportation, a school bus does present a child with various potential risks. For example, a child could get injured while getting on or off the bus. Furthermore, a school bus accident could put the passengers at risk of serious injuries. This is especially true if the bus has no seatbelts for the children.

Driving while high: What's the real risk?

As the use of marijuana gains greater acceptance across America, serious questions need to be asked, such as, "How dangerous is it to drive while high on marijuana?" Unfortunately, at this point, the research on how much marijuana use impairs one's ability to drive is limited. But, one thing is clear: Using marijuana before you get behind the wheel does impair your ability to drive.

Massachusetts pedestrian crash still under investigation

Residents and visitors in Massachusetts can enjoy walking around the cities and residential areas. While walking is a great way to get around, sightsee and get some exercise on a nice day, it is also a way to encounter some dangers. Although there are mechanisms and safety measures implemented to improve the safety of pedestrians, when people walk where vehicles are also present, this increases the chances of an auto-pedestrian crash.

What benefits are available in a workers' compensation claim?

Everyday, people in Massachusetts go to work with the intention of making a living to support themselves or their family. Not many consider that this could be hindered by a work-related injury or a workplace accident. However, whether an employee is in an industry that is inherently dangerous or not, workplace injuries and illnesses are a real possibility. However, when a worker is injured or suffers a workplace illness, there are options available to them, such as filing for workers' compensation.

The dangers of scaffolding accidents in the construction industry

Although construction projects occur throughout the year, the warm spring and summer months experience an upswing in construction projects in Massachusetts and other states across the nation. While the construction industry is essential, it is also an industry that presents a wide array of dangers and hazards for construction workers. While much effort is made to increase safety and reduce construction accidents, serious injuries can occur due to negligence or faulty equipment in the work environment.

Helping you protect your aging loved one's rights

As a previous post highlighted, it is never an easy decision to place an elderly loved one in a nursing home facility. While residents in Massachusetts might hope to keep their aging loved ones out of these care facilities, in some cases, this is the best option for their situation. This is especially true if continual health care is required and cannot be achieved in their home. Nonetheless, this still means entrusting others to care for a loved one. While there are available routes and methods for nursing home residents to report incidents of neglect and abuse, resources such as ombudsmen do not always remedy these matters.

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