Duck boat kills one in Boston motor scooter crash

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Today there are various types of vehicles residents in Massachusetts can ride for entertainment. Whether you are a passenger or a rider, safety should ultimately be the biggest concern for those utilizing these vehicles. Amphibious vehicles might not be seen on roadways across the nation, but they can be seen on roads near waterways where tourists go from road to water. While these are a fun way to sight see, these vehicles are starting to generate problems on roadways across the nation.

According to recent reports, a fatal car crash occurred between a duck boat and a motor scooter in Boston. Preliminary reports suggest that the accident occurred when the duck boat, which was filled with tourists, was stopped at a red light on Charles Street and was waiting to head up Beacon Hill. Ahead of them was a scooter traveling with two riders who were waiting to turn.

When the light turned green, the duck boat suddenly took off, colliding with the rear of the scooter in front of them. Although the scooter operator attempted to accelerate to avoid collision, this had no avail. The scooter flipped over and the duck boat ran it over.

Emergency crews rushed the driver of the scooter to the hospital where she later died from her fatal injuries. The scooter’s passenger was not seriously injured in the crash and both were wearing helmets. The investigation is ongoing, and it is not clear at this time whether the operator of the duck boat will face any criminal charges.

Once the investigation is complete, fault may be determined. If negligence was the cause of the wreck, then the driver, and perhaps the company for which he or she works, could be held liable. This could help the deceased’s loved ones, especially if they are pursuing a wrongful death suit for the damages and losses caused by the fatal accident. However, they will need to fully understand the law as it applies to their situation and how best to act on their legal rights. An experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney may prove beneficial in this situation.

Source: Boston Globe, “Woman driving scooter dies after being struck by duck boat,” Laura Crimaldi, April 30, 2016


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