You shouldn’t be afraid to report a workplace accident

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Workplace accidents are a problem that most companies try to prevent as much as they can. This is especially true for many manufacturing businesses where the majority of their employees are doing their work with large, cumbersome and sometimes dangerous machinery. Although some workplace injuries or accidents are often the result of unsafe practices that go on each day, it’s important for employees to report accidents to promote better safety.

In Massachusetts, like other states, reporting workplace accidents is vital to maintaining a safe working environment as well as to improving working conditions for the entire staff. Ultimately, employers should make it as easy as possible for workers to report potential hazards of accidents. 

What To Do If You Are Hurt On The Job

If you are hurt on the job, but are afraid to report your accident to your boss because you don’t want your employer to fire you or take some form of retribution (demotion), then it’s important to take a moment, learn more about your rights, and discover how a workers’ compensation attorney can help. In short, you have the right to accurately report your incident without worrying about what your employer will do.

Healthcare Officials Will Report Certain Injuries

Health care officials have a duty to report what has occurred to the Massachusetts Department of Health (MDPH) in the case of certain injuries. Some of these injuries are:

· Occupational Asthma or COPD

· Any Injury to a Minor

· Chemical Poisoning

· Metal Absorption

Injured Workers Have Rights

Medical officials also have a duty to report a company if there are multiple injuries that are similar in nature by numerous employees. It’s vital that companies take steps to correct unsafe conditions. No one should have to work in a dangerous place, where better practices can be implemented to make sure that avoidable injuries don’t occur.

It’s natural that sometimes a worker is going to sustain an injury on the job. However, employees should never be afraid to report incidents and injuries to their employers for fear of retribution.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Joseph J. Cariglia, P.C., can step in, ensure injured workers receive the representation they deserve and pursue full and fair compensation and benefits for accident injuries.


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