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As a previous post here discussed, bus safety is an important topic. While onboard video systems help to address passenger safety issues and assist with accident investigations following a bus crash, there is always a concern that a negligent bus driver will be in control of a bus filled with students or passengers. Whether an individual is traveling on a city bus, school bus, tour bus or a commercial motorcoach, passengers are under the general impression that they are traveling in a safe vehicle driven by a properly trained driver.

Bus companies and transportation authorities take steps to address safety concerns, but sometimes they fail to ensure that all employees follow local and state traffic laws and company policies. When a company or employer neglects their duties, this could result in tragedy. At our law firm, we attempt to help Massachusetts residents who have been harmed in a bus accident or who have lost a loved one in a bus collision.

A bus accident could occur for various reasons. At our law firm, we have seen cases in which victims were harmed in collisions caused by drunk Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority drivers, pedestrian accidents, accidents related to speeding or reckless driving, crashes caused by the failure to stop and mechanical or maintenance issues with the bus.

Buses are large vehicles designed to carry numerous passengers, and as a result bus accidents frequently result in several injuries. Moreover, buses are often not equipped with the same safety mechanisms as other motor vehicles, such as seatbelts. Such a situation could cause passengers to be tossed around or even ejected from vehicle.

Following a bus accident, it is important to fully understand the cause of the crash. In some cases, there are multiple parties at fault. At our law firm, we attempt to help our clients uncover evidence in order to meet their needs and interests.

Our readers who would like to learn more can visit our law firm website’s bus accident overview. This could help victims and loved ones understand the options available to them. A bus accident is a sudden, unexpected incident that could greatly impact the lives of those involved. A civil action could help those harmed seek compensation for the losses and damages suffered in the incident.


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