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October 2015 Archives

Protecting the rights of car accident victims in Massachusetts

Motorists in Massachusetts are not usually prepared to deal with the aftermath of an automobile collision. Not only will a victim likely suffer injuries and damages, their life could be greatly impacted for a long time. A serious crash could result in temporary or permanent disabilities, resulting in the victim's inability to work or return to their normal life. This just adds to the financial burdens caused by the incident, but victims should be aware of ways to offset these costs.

What is considered to be "unsafe work conditions?"

Massachusetts residents work all types of jobs, which means work environments change from one occupation to the next. Some workplaces pose more risks than others. In order to rectify or reduce these health and safety issues, training and safety standards have been implemented and enforced by state and federal government entities, including the Occupational Safety and Heath Administration, or OSHA. However, when employers violate these standards, OSHA may not uncover these issues in a timely manner, causing some employees to work in unsafe conditions.

Determining if a car accident is work-related or not

Every day, employees in Massachusetts travel to and from work via their personal vehicle or company car. Additionally, some occupations require that an employee travel during work hours to conduct business. Because employees are often behind the wheel on any given workday, what happens if he or she is injured in an automobile collision? Do workers' compensation benefits cover damages caused these types of accidents?

Officials waiting for data regarding bigger trucks on highways

While the attorneys at The Law Offices of Joseph J. Cariglia, P.C., see on almost a daily basis the injuries occurring on our nation's roadways, top officials sometimes seem to turn a blind eye on the devastation. The Transportation Research Board (TRB), a unit of the National Academy of Sciences, released a report concluding that the Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) failed to adequately take into account data demonstrating the impact of increased truck size and weight limits operating on our highways. According to the TRB, this resulted in a failure to estimate the frequency of truck accidents on our roads, and the infrastructure costs to particular roads and bridges resulting from increased truck sizes.

Students injured in a minor school bus accident in New Bedford

A previous post here discussed school bus safety and how this is addressed for students in Massachusetts and elsewhere. While several measures have been taken to increase the safety of children riding the school bus to and from school, making it presumably a safer mode of transportation than a passenger vehicle, school bus accidents can still occur. Whether it is due to the negligence of the bus driver or the negligence of another driver, when a school bus is involved in a collision several victims could be involved.

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