Are school buses safer than passenger vehicles for children?

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During the school year, many Massachusetts parents rely on the school bus system to get their children to and from school. While this makes mornings and evenings easier on parents, some are concerned with the safety of their children on a school bus. Because of that concern, some parents opt to drive their children to school. However, this might be a less safe option for transporting a school-aged kid to and from school.

Are school buses safer than passenger vehicles for children? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, buses are built with safety in mind. In fact, school buses are equipped with safety features that make it a safer mode of transportation to school than a passenger vehicle. Additionally, school bus drivers receive special security and medical training and are required to undergo regular drug and alcohol testing.

School buses have been designed to be safe and are tough vehicles that are very diligently maintained. School buses meet crush standards as well and size and height requirements. Additionally, they are equipped with features such as flashing red lights, cross-view mirrors, reinforced sides, stop sign arms and are brightly colored.

Moreover, school bus drivers are trained to safely load and unload children from the bus, manage student behavior on the bus and are required to maintain a safe driving record. School bus safety is constantly addressed in both the design of the bus and those hired to drive the bus.

However, despite being a statistically safer route for school-aged children to and from school, accidents involving school buses still occur. Because of that, it is important that victims and their loved ones understand the cause of the incident.

If a bus driver was distracted or was not upholding the appropriate duty of care while behind the wheel, those harmed could hold the driver accountable for the incident. A personal injury claim could help victims recover compensation that could be used to cover expenses such as medical bills, rehabilitation and other related damages.

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