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September 2015 Archives

Are school buses safer than passenger vehicles for children?

During the school year, many Massachusetts parents rely on the school bus system to get their children to and from school. While this makes mornings and evenings easier on parents, some are concerned with the safety of their children on a school bus. Because of that concern, some parents opt to drive their children to school. However, this might be a less safe option for transporting a school-aged kid to and from school.

Drunk driving statistics for young people are sobering

According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Safety Administration, 28 people die every day because of drunk driving. The numbers of individuals injured in such accidents is much higher. The NHSTA calculated that costs for alcohol-impaired motor vehicle accidents exceed $199 billion per year across the United States.

Filing a claim for nursing home abuse

It is not always easy for individuals in Massachusetts to place an aging loved one in a nursing home. When an elderly loved one is placed in a nursing home, much trust is placed in the facility and its staff to provide adequate and safe care of the tenant. This is why it is very upsetting when family members discover that a loved one is not being properly cared for in a safe environment. When loved ones believe there is evidence of abuse or neglect, they could file an elder abuse claim.

Tire blowouts are dangerous to all drivers

We've all seen the huge chunks of rubber - the lasting remnants of a shredded truck tire - littering Massachusetts highways. But what caused the blowout? Was there a serious accident? Did the truck driver lose control? What would you do if you were passing an 18-wheeler and a tire simply exploded?

Understanding rights of nursing home residents

When an elderly loved one has depreciating health, it can be a very difficult decision to move that family member into a nursing home. Even when an appropriate facility is located and family members have the assurance that their loved one will receive constant care, this does not eliminate the concerns regarding the health, security and safety of that loved one.

How much of a problem is distracted driving?

As a previous post highlighted, distracted driving is dangerous and could lead to serious and even fatal collisions in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the U.S. Whether drivers takes their eyes off of the road, removes their hand or hands from the driving wheel or takes their focus off of driving by having a phone or in-person conversation, all of these activities can cause drivers to take their minds off the primary task of driving. No matter if this lasts for a split second or not, engaging in any distracting activity increases the risks and chances of an accident occurring.

Distracted driving is more than just texting and driving

Anything that causes drivers to take their eyes off of the roadway is considered dangerous. Even if it is something simple and lasts only a short moment, distracted driving is a hazardous behavior that could lead to serious and even fatal car accidents on roadways in Massachusetts.

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