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August 2015 Archives

Accident reconstruction required after collision injuring four

When residents in Massachusetts are involved in an automobile collision, they usually seek to better understand the cause of the crash. In some instances, the cause and fault of the accident are obvious and are often confirmed later by authorities. However, with some accidents, it is difficult to ascertain how it occurred and who was at fault. In these situations, accident reconstruction can be vital, helping law enforcement and investigators assign liability to the appropriate party.

What are the various levels of roadside inspections for trucks?

It is not uncommon for drivers in Massachusetts to encounter large trucks on the roadways, and for some drivers there might be concerns when traveling next to and behind trucks, such as semi-trucks or tractor-trailer trucks. Because of the possibility of driver negligence or violations by trucking companies, federal trucking regulations have been implemented. One way to ensure compliance with these regulations is through roadside inspections.

Common carrier liability and bus accidents

Many residents of Massachusetts rely on common carriers to get them to their final destination, especially if they do not own a car. Whether it is on a train, cab, boat, plane or bus, these carriers have responsibilities when transporting passengers from one destination to another. Whether an individual is traveling on a bus for tourism or to get to a specific destination, public and private buses are in the business of transporting people from one destination to another for a fee. Because of this, buses are subjected to common carrier liability in the event of a bus accident.

Taking action after being harmed in a bus accident

Whether or not you habitually ride a bus, various concerns should be addressed for bus passengers in Massachusetts. No matter if it is a public, private, school or tour bus, all types of bus accidents could leave passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and occupants of other vehicles seriously injured. The weight and size of a bus could cause large accidents with serious injuries and damages. When a person is injured in an accident involving a bus, it is important for that victim, or the victim's family if the victim is killed, to understand the rights and options available to them.

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