Authorities believe vehicle cut truck off, causing fatal crash

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Because drivers are aware that accidents could happen at any moment, many take proactive and evasive action to avoid hazards and collisions. While this could help prevent some accidents from occurring, this unfortunately does not always occur. Moreover, when drivers make sudden maneuvers to avoid a collision, this could lead to even graver results.

Massachusetts’s authorities were recently dispatched to an accident that occurred on Route 495 in Mansfield. According to preliminary reports, police officers believe the box truck ran off the road and crashed into the woods after another driver cut the driver off. It is presumed that the driver of the box truck lost control of their vehicle after being cut off, eventually traveling off of the road and crashing into a wooded area near the roadway.

Emergency crews responded to the collision and it was reported that the driver was trapped inside of his box truck. He was extricated from the vehicle and transported to the hospital where he later died. Investigation is still ongoing and reports at this time did not indicate whether the driver of the other vehicle has been located at this time.

Accidents can happen suddenly, and even a simple act of negligence, recklessness or inattention could cause a severe, even fatal crash. Following a fatal car crash, it is crucial to thoroughly investigate the details of the collision. This could help loved ones of the deceased establish cause. Moreover, this step could help determine who the responsible party is.

The loss of a loved one in a car crash can be a difficult event to cope with. Those impacted by the event should understand they might have the opportunity to file a civil action such as a wrongful death claim. This could help family members recover compensation to help cover expenses such as medical bills, funeral costs, lost wages and damages.

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