Massachusetts State Trooper struck and injured by drunk driver

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The negligence and recklessness of a driver is often the unfortunate cause of an automobile collision. Whether they are speeding, distracted, intoxicated or a combination of any of these, a driver failing to uphold the duty of care required by all drivers could lead to a car crash involving serious injuries and even death.

A Massachusetts state trooper was recently involved in an alleged drunk driving accident. According to preliminary reports, the officer was in his cruiser stopped at a red light when he was apparently hit by a drunk driver. The officer was at a traffic light on Route 138 in Easton when he was rear-ended around 9 p.m. A police dog was in the cruiser at the time of the collision, but no injuries were reported to the dog.

It was reported that the officer sustained both neck and back injuries in the collision. While these were labeled as minor injuries, he was transported to the hospital for medical treatment before he was released several hours later. The 26-year-old driver that struck the officer’s vehicle was arrested at the scene of the accident and was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol as well as operating to endanger.

In addition to facing criminal and traffic charges for the drunk driving accident, the driver could also be subject to civil penalties. The injured officer could file a personal injury claim for the injuries, damages and losses suffered in the incident. This could help him cover expenses such as medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and other related damages.

A drunk driving accident could lead to serious and even fatal injuries. Those harmed by a drunk driver should understand the rights and remedies afforded to them. Obtaining legal guidance could help victims understand what options are available and assist them with protecting his or her rights.

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