FMCSA smartphone app could help improve truck and bus safety

On Behalf of | May 1, 2015 | Bus Accidents

Drivers in Massachusetts often encounter various types of vehicles on the roadways. Of these are large trucks and busses. Residents may be aware that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA passed federal regulations concerning commercial trucks, their driving times and log-in requirements. Since interstate bus and truck companies do not fall under these requirements, state and federal law enforcement personnel have sought out ways to review the safety performance of these vehicles.

FMCS released a smartphone application that allows for convenient access to current safety performance information for interstate bus and truck companies. This app will be especially valuable for law enforcement, as well as insurers, brokers, freight-forwarders and others interested in reviewing USDOT registration and the safety performance of these vehicles. Furthermore, it will promote truck and bus safety.

Both motor vehicle safety inspectors and law enforcement officers use customized software to log into national safety databases, and by making currently available safety information on interstate and bus companies easily accessible, this could provide better transparency and make the roads much safer.

The app does not require a log in and provides immediate access to the federal operating status of the carrier. This could help inspectors and law enforcement personnel expedite the inspection and pass or fail process.

When a motor carrier does not comply with federal regulations or safety regulations, this could be the cause of a truck or bus accident. This app could help determine if these vehicles complied with these regulations and inspection standards. Safety data could help victims of a bus accident determine fault and liability.

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