Massachusetts truck collision injures two and closes Red Line

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Large trucks are considered to essential as they play a major role in commerce. Tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, box trucks and other commercial vehicles help transport large shipments across states and even across the nation. Despite the crucial role they play in the economy, they could also be the cause of a serious accident, involving injuries, damages and even deaths. Moreover, truck crashes often create large accident sites, causing other drivers to be greatly impacted by the incident.

Authorities in Massachusetts were recently dispatched to the site of a truck collision. The crash occurred in Dorchester on Interstate 93 during the early morning hours. According to preliminary reports, the crash involved a box truck and a sedan automobile in the southbound lanes of the Interstate.

The drivers of both vehicles suffered injuries, and they were transported to the hospital for evaluation and medical treatment. The collision resulted in the box truck dangling over the tracks of the MBTA Red Line. Due to the crash, shuttle busses had to be used to accommodate travelers while the track was closed for investigation and cleanup.

Investigators are still determining the cause of the collision at this time, and police have yet to report the cause of the crash. Once investigation is completed, authorities should be able to assign liability for the truck accident.

If a negligent driver is the cause of an accident, an injured victim could file a civil action against the driver at fault. A personal injury claim could help the accident victim recover compensation for the injuries, damages and losses caused by the accident.

Following a truck accident, victims should understand that they might have legal rights and remedies they could act on. A serious collision could leave a victim with physical, emotional and financial hardships. Victims should learn ways they could remedy their losses and damages caused by a truck accident.

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