Carpal tunnel syndrome and workers’ compensation benefits

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While it is obvious that employees across the state of Massachusetts face various types of risks and dangers in the work environment, some on-the-job injuries are not so obvious. Even when a job is not inherently dangerous, such as construction or those involving heavy machinery, all work environments could present dangers. This is why all employees should be aware of the dangers their workplace could present.

For office workers or those performing tasks involving repetitive motion, it is often the case that they do not consider the possibility of suffering an injury in a job that seems relatively safe with very low risks. However, those working in manufacturing, assembly line, word processing, and data entry are highly susceptible to injuries to the wrists, arms and hands.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition employees could suffer from carrying out work tasks. This condition could lead to serious pain and even permanent damage to the arms, wrists or hands. But what is carpal tunnel syndrome? It is a form of nerve damage within the carpel tunnel, located in a bony canal in the palm portion of the wrist.

When a worker suffers carpal tunnel they often experience pain, tingling sensation and even decreased coordination. In some cases, these symptoms become severe and require medical attention. When this occurs, employees should understand that they could be entitled to certain rights. For example, a workers’ compensation claim may be filed in an attempt to recover monies for medical expenses and lost wages associated with the injury. This can help address medical needs and help ensure an injured worker has the financial stability he or she needs while recovering.

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