$15 million suit filed against GPS manufacturers

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Accidents occur every day by the thousands. Some accidents are simple to figure out: Driver A hit driver B, end of story. Then there are accidents where no one and everyone could be at fault. While it is ultimately up to the courts to determine fault in an accident, it is up to the plaintiff and their attorney to determine who to add as a defendant. The decision to add or not add a party could be the difference in a judgment of damages and an actual recovery of damages.

Nearly two years ago, a charter bus heading through Boston ran into an overpass. Many of the 35 people on the bus were injured as a result of the accident. Eleven of those injured in the accident recently filed a $15 million dollar lawsuit against two GPS manufacturers. The suit alleges that the GPS improperly routed the bus to the overpass and that the manufactures failed to warn commercial providers that the device shouldn’t be used on their vehicles. Although the suit names many other defendants, the manufacturers were added after the plaintiffs learned how common these types of accidents were when using their GPS devices. The lawsuit represents one of the first suits of its kind against GPS manufacturers.

In a civil suit, who one sues can be just as important as why they are suing. It is part of an attorney’s job to determine who might be responsible for their clients’ injuries and add them as a defendant. With decades of experience our attorneys take a comprehensive look at every case and work to get fair compensation for our clients.

Car accidents are one of the most avoidable causes of injuries and death in the United States. Whether it is updating GPS systems or making sure drivers don’t text and drive, holding negligent parties accountable for their actions will saves lives.

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