Man blames blackout on bus accident

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The number of intensity of distractions has steadily increased as technology becomes more widely available and an essential part of many people’s lives. But texting or other uses of technology aren’t always to blame for a driver being distracted from the road. A large number of accidents are created by impaired drivers who are under the influence of illegal and legal substances alike.

A Massachusetts man is due back to court in September to face charges stemming for a car accident involving a transit bus. The accident occurred when the man’s vehicle crossed the double yellow lines into on-coming traffic, hitting a public bus filled with 35 passengers. Fortunately, no one suffered life threatening injuries although the driver and 17 others were sent to the hospital for treatment. At a hearing, the man stated he fell asleep at the wheel which caused him to hit the bus. He blames falling asleep on the prescription medications he took earlier that morning to deal with the pain from his pulled wisdom teeth. Two of the medications include warnings about operating heavy machinery and list side effects including drowsiness. At his arraignment, the driver was ordered to undergo random drug testing and check in at a probation office weekly.

Driving after taking medications with known risks of drowsiness and impairment can expose a person to civil and criminal liability. Such an act can be considered negligent as it does not align with what a reasonable person would do in the same situation. If a party has been found negligent, the damages sought by the injured parties – such as medical bills or loss of wages — can be brought upon them.

Driving is not only a privilege but a responsibility. Anyone who takes to the road in a motor vehicle is responsible for not only their lives, but can also be responsible for the lives of their fellow drivers. Parties who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents may want to seek the assistance of an experience attorney to help fully understand their legal options.

Source: WCVB, “Driver in Randolph bus crash held on $5,000 bail,” Cody Shepard, August 13, 2014

Source: WCVB, “Driver in Randolph bus crash held on $5,000 bail,” Cody Shepard, August 13, 2014


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