Two injured in collision between propane truck and car

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Large trucks are instrumental in transporting goods and making pickups and deliveries in Worcester. They carry numerous types of cargo and are imperative parts of everyday life. However, when there is a truck accident, the sheer size of these vehicles and the cargo they carry can make it dangerous for other drivers and area residents. A collision can cause serious injuries and even death.

A recent crash between a car and a propane tanker truck closed the road, evacuated local residents and sent the drivers of both vehicles to the hospital with serious injuries. The truck rolled over after the crash and when emergency crews arrived they smelled propane. The accident happened at approximately 11:45 a.m. and the decision was made to evacuate the area for safety reasons. The leak was stopped at around 3 p.m. An investigation continues to determine the circumstances surrounding the accident and how it happened.

There are many reasons for a collision involving a truck. It could be due to negligence, recklessness, mechanical issues or unforeseen circumstances. Regardless of how it happened, the injuries suffered can lead to a long-term hospital stay, the need for rehabilitation and extended care. In some cases, the truck company may be responsible for the actions of their employees. Insurers are interested in saving as much money as possible when there is a claim and people who have been injured need to understand their rights to consider litigation. With serious injuries and hospital stays, there will also be the possibility that the injured person will lose income due to an inability to work. This can affect families and their livelihood.

As shown in this accident, sometimes the crash impacts more than the drivers and passengers involved; they can impact the surrounding area and residents. Individuals who suffer as the result of a truck accident should discuss their situation with an attorney in order to determine the responsible pirates.

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