Nursing home outcomes fall dramatically after hip fracture

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Nursing homes have changed significantly since their initial inception. Even with advances in technology and all the changes nursing homes have made to their facilities many people still see them as unappealing. Whether from word of mouth or media reports, negative images of nursing homes are everywhere and, in some cases, for very good reason. Recent research may have revealed another cause for individuals to be skeptical of nursing homes.

Research into hip fractures has revealed a troubling trend. According to the study, half of nursing home residents either die or lose the ability to walk unaided within six months of suffering a hip fracture. The outcomes are worse for residents who refuse to have surgery or are over 90 years of age. This news is troubling considering most of the residents studied were able to move on their own or with minimal help prior to the fracture. The research studied over 60,000 thousand residents using data from Medicaid and nursing homes themselves.

Unfortunately, many hip fractures that occur in nursing homes result from nursing home neglect. Nursing homes in Worcester and nationwide have a minimal level of care they are required to give their residents. Failing to live up to this standard can leave victims seriously injured or dead. These victims and their families may have a long road to recovery, fraught with physical, emotional, and financial damage. The good news is victims and their family members can file a lawsuit against a nursing home in an attempt to recover damages suffered due to nursing home negligence.

A nursing home neglect lawsuit can be complex. By speaking with an experienced Massachusetts attorney, victims and their families may learn how best to protect their legal rights and punish those who wronged them.

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