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July 2014 Archives

Two injured in collision between propane truck and car

Large trucks are instrumental in transporting goods and making pickups and deliveries in Worcester. They carry numerous types of cargo and are imperative parts of everyday life. However, when there is a truck accident, the sheer size of these vehicles and the cargo they carry can make it dangerous for other drivers and area residents. A collision can cause serious injuries and even death.

Two elderly women and two children hurt in head-on collision

For people in Worcester, one of the last things they consider when they head out onto the road is being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Although the majority of drivers are cautious and keep an eye out for other vehicles and pedestrians, there is always the potential for a car accident. These can happen for a variety of reasons. Some are due to carelessness. Others are due to simple misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. No matter how the accident occurs, serious injury is always a danger.

Cyclist has surgery after truck runs over her leg

Automotive vehicles comes in all shapes and sizes. There are cars small enough to fit into a person's bedroom and trucks whose tires are taller than standing adults. People who take to public streets and roadways come into contact with numerous vehicles of all sizes each and every day. But, as city streets become more crowded and citizens become more conscious of the ecological footprints their actions leave, more and more people are taking to navigating city streets using bicycles. While they have advantages, bicycles offer less protection than most other forms of travel.

Nursing home outcomes fall dramatically after hip fracture

Nursing homes have changed significantly since their initial inception. Even with advances in technology and all the changes nursing homes have made to their facilities many people still see them as unappealing. Whether from word of mouth or media reports, negative images of nursing homes are everywhere and, in some cases, for very good reason. Recent research may have revealed another cause for individuals to be skeptical of nursing homes.

SUV and motorcycle collision ends in death of one

Car insurance companies have done a great job showing the public just how random and unexpected a car accident can be. While most commercials are done with a hint of humor, few people are laughing after being involved in a real world accident. Some accidents can be avoided by driving attentively, others are so unexpected that they are impossible to foresee and avoid. Regardless of the cause of a crash, the toll a serious car accident can take on those involved can last a lifetime.

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