No critical injuries after MA school bus and dump truck collide

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In order to travel it is, unfortunately, often necessary for people to put their life in the hands of another. This is true for everything from trains and planes to cars and school buses. People who transport others for pay often need a special license which shows they have completed extra driver training. But even with extra training it is virtually impossible to avoid every hazard of the road.

Nine students were injured on their way home from school when a dump truck collided with the school bus in which they were riding. Both drivers were also injured. The bus accident happened as the bus was crossing an intersection and the dump truck t-bone the vehicle. It has yet to be determined who is at fault and if one or both parties contributed to the accident. Witnesses to the accident report hearing a thunderous sound similar to an explosion. Bystanders were able to pull the children and both drivers from the wreckage. Fortunately, none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. Police, who received video of the crash, are still investigating to determine exactly what happened and who was at fault.

Suffering an injury in such an accident can be a difficult thing with which to cope. Victims may have to suffer excruciating pain and may be afraid to get on the road again. Additionally, these individuals might incur costly medical bills that are difficult to pay off. Fortunately, the civil legal system may be able to provide relief. However, recovering compensation is dependent upon showing another’s fault. In a bus accident, a bus driver and the company or school for which he or she works may be held liable for injuries suffered in the wreck.

Accidents happen in Massachusetts far more often than we care to think. However, victims of such accidents should take comfort in the fact that they can find an ally in a personal injury attorney who will do everything he or she can to protect the victim’s legal rights.

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