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June 2014 Archives

New law gives rights to domestic workers

The United States is a land of laws, which, for the most part, govern how individuals behave in society. But like any rule, the law is full of loopholes, special circumstances and gray areas that people exploit to their benefit. This has allowed people to entrap and enslave others, all under the guise of giving them a job. One career of prominence that is ripe with the abuse and misuse of people is that of domestic workers. Not only must domestic workers make do with low wages and high levels of work, they must do so in sometimes uncomfortable and degrading situations.

College student hit and killed while out for a jog

Driving in the United States is a privilege and not a right, which is what any teenage driver should realize Because driving is a privilege, the right to operate a motor vehicle on the public roadways could be suspended or even revoked in certain situations. Driving without the proper licenses and permission can reach the level of criminal behavior even without violating any other laws. Car and truck accidents involving unlicensed drivers may find themselves being resolved in civil as well as criminal court.

No critical injuries after MA school bus and dump truck collide

In order to travel it is, unfortunately, often necessary for people to put their life in the hands of another. This is true for everything from trains and planes to cars and school buses. People who transport others for pay often need a special license which shows they have completed extra driver training. But even with extra training it is virtually impossible to avoid every hazard of the road.

Senate approves new measures to protect nursing home residents

The advances in medicine have created a new world in which many humans no longer have to worry about the diseases that have troubled mankind for centuries. Since that time, modern medicine has widened its focus in an attempt to treat everything from the common cold to Alzheimer's. The ability to give someone a pill that can control his or her behavior has led to a number of new problems including prescription drug abuse, over or unnecessary prescription of certain drugs and nursing home neglect.

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