Driver who was not wearing seatbelt dies after head-on collision

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Anyone who decides to operate a motor vehicle in the United States runs the risk of being involved in an accident. Although some people have a greater chance of being involved in a car accident than others, anyone riding inside of a moving vehicle should be aware of the possibility. The outcome of an accident can be anything from a fender-bender to the loss of life. While technology has yet to create a full-proof safety system for motor vehicles, it has created a number of other safety systems that can help improve one’s chances of surviving a motor vehicle accident.

A woman is dead after being involved in a head-on collision recently. How the accident occurred is still unknown, but police believe that the woman’s car crossed the double lines, driving head-on into oncoming traffic. The woman’s car struck a 2002 SUV, trapping her in the car. Responders used the jaws of life to free the woman, who was later pronounced dead at the hospital. The SUV she struck carried two teenagers who were wearing their seatbelts at the time. It is believed the woman was not wearing her seatbelt at the time of the accident.

Because Massachusetts follows the 51 percent rule, a person is barred from recovery if they are found to have contributed to their injuries by 51 percent or more. In cases involving car accidents, whether someone was speeding, used a seatbelt or had their air bags turned on can all be used to determine fault.

Whenever someone steps into a car, whether driver or passenger, it is important be safe and buckle up. That decision could decide if it’s the person or their estate who is in court.

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