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May 2014 Archives

Police still investigating bus crash that injured nine

Public transportation is a valuable resource to not only those who use its services, but to the cities that provide the service and the environment. A bus not only reduces the number of cars on the road, but it provides those without motor vehicles a reliable and affordable method of moving around a city. Riding a bus or other form of public transportation is not without its risk, however, as individuals give up control and put it in the hands of whomever is operating the vehicle.

Massachusetts police working to make roads safer from truckers

The crossroads of America, interstates and highways, connect cities and states to one another in an intriguing web of concrete and pavement. There are people who make their living traversing the vast expanses between cities transporting goods back and forth between them. Semi-truck drivers or truckers have long been a source of fear, anxiety, and annoyance to the millions of motorist who take to the roads daily. Because of their size and, in some cases, their cargo, semi-trucks carry with them an elevated sense of danger.

One killed in six-car crash on Mother's day

After those injured in an accident are taken to the hospital, their cars moved and traffic returned to its normal flow there is an often overlooked step that occurs after many serious accidents, the investigation. An accident investigation can take anywhere from a couple of hours to months as investigators piece together the details of the accident, even recreating events to uncover the truth.

Driver who was not wearing seatbelt dies after head-on collision

Anyone who decides to operate a motor vehicle in the United States runs the risk of being involved in an accident. Although some people have a greater chance of being involved in a car accident than others, anyone riding inside of a moving vehicle should be aware of the possibility. The outcome of an accident can be anything from a fender-bender to the loss of life. While technology has yet to create a full-proof safety system for motor vehicles, it has created a number of other safety systems that can help improve one's chances of surviving a motor vehicle accident.

Report reveals need for better safety policies in workplace

Most Americans wake up five days a week only to spend eight or more hours at work. Some see their co-workers more often than their families and see work as a type of second home. One can suffer minor or lifelong injuries from simply doing their job, even those that are considered low risk. But unlike one's home when a person gets hurt while on the job they can file for workers compensation. While the safety net of workers compensation is a positive invention many are working toward reducing workplace accidents.

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