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April 2014 Archives

Fiery accident on bridge claims life of one

Some accidents can have no closure even after countless hours of investigations, simulations and recreations. This can be even more trying than the actual accident as family members and those left behind seek answers and where to place the blame for the loss of their loved one. When the details of who did it, why and how come slow or not at all, a civil lawsuit may be the only venue left for surviving family members to find some semblance of an answer.

New law could allow motorist to drive up to 70 mph

Speed is often a factor in car accidents. Though the law posts limits to reduce these speeds, many motorists falsely believe they can safely drive over that limit. Therefore, when the state raises the speed limit, the true maximum speed driven by many motorists also rises, putting others at risk.

Cyclist's death prompts push for harsher penalties

The most common users of paved streets are motor vehicles, followed by an ever increasing population of cyclists, and the always present pedestrian. Most, if not all, motor vehicle accidents will involve some combination of the above users of the roadways. As alternate forms of transportation gain more momentum an increasing number of individuals will park their cars and opt instead to walk or ride a bike.

Public workers getting overhaul to workplace safety standards

A serious injury can be one of the worst experiences in any adult's life. Not only does one have to deal with the injury itself, but oftentimes the person must deal with the consequences of the injury as well. A serious enough injury can prevent a person from being able to work or even carry out normal day-to-day activities. But, if the injury was caused by a workplace accident, workers' compensation laws are likely to come into effect. Unfortunately, federal OSHA standards and rules do not extend to state employees because public workers are not covered under the law. Public workers must look elsewhere for worker protections.

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