Fed-Ex driver suffers serious injuries in accident

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Accidents can occur at any moment and for seemingly no reason at all, but in reality most accidents are caused by some kind of human error. Businesses know that human error is not only dangerous but can be costly – sometimes prohibitively so. In an attempt to save money and make work safer, industries have created standard practices and minimal safety levels for most activities, especially the more dangerous ones. However, even with training and frequent reminders accidents still occur and companies are still liable if their employee’s actions injury another.

A Fed-Ex driver is in the hospital after being injured while on his route. According to police the Fed-Ex employee walked from the front of his vehicle into the street and was hit by a car. The driver and passenger in the car got out and administered first aid to the man before emergency responders arrived. While it is unknown if the driver or passenger received any injuries, the Fed-Ex employee was transferred to a Boston hospital with serious injuries. No arrest was made in connection with the car accident, although police are still investigating.

Oftentimes the way an individual is suppose to perform their job duties is taught until it becomes engrained into the mind of the employee. What an employee is taught and how they are expected to carry out their duties can be very important in cases like these. It can be assumed that individuals who spend their work day navigating busy streets, congested hallways and unfamiliar neighborhoods all while carrying packages of various weight and shapes are taught how to avoid a potential injury while carrying out their job duties. Determining if the Fed-Ex employee was trained and following industry or company standards can have an effect on the final liability of the parties involved.

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