Car crash involving Mass. drunk driver plunges minivan into pond

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Driving in of itself is a dangerous activity. Even without other drivers on the road, mechanical failure, hazardous roadway conditions and other unexpected events can spell doom for even the most attentive of drivers. When other drivers are added to the equation the possibilities of things that can go wrong is almost endless. With some much danger already present in taking to the roadways, adding drugs or alcohol can be a recipe for disaster.

A woman is spending time in jail after allegedly causing an accident that sent a minivan flying into a pond. The incident occurred on Saturday night while the 21 year old was driving with her 3 year old in the back seat. The car accident occurred after the young woman allegedly ran a red light, hitting a minivan in the intersection with such force it crashed into a nearby pond. While no one was seriously injured, one of the children in the minivan suffered injuries to her hand. Police report the accident could have been much worse as the pond gets much deeper not too far from the minivan entered the water. The young woman was charged with drunken driving as well as child endangerment for having her 3 year old in the vehicle with her.

Being convicted of driving under the influence can have unexpected and far reaching consequences. Not only will the conviction have to be reported on most job applications but it can result in fines, revocation of one’s driving privileges, and even jail time. DUI arrests and charges can be considered in family law cases and may result in one losing custody of their child. Although DUI arrest have become common place in today’s society a conviction still has the ability to drastically change an individual’s life for the worse.

When facing such serious charges, the legal guidance of an experienced attorney can be of the utmost importance. Proper assistance can help ensure the most just outcome of the case.

Source: CBS Boston, “Two-Car Crash Sends Minivan Plunging Into Milford Pond, One Driver Faces OUI Charge,” March 2, 2014


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