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January 2014 Archives

Is buzzed driving just as dangerous as drunk driving?

Drunk driving causes many car accidents every year in Massachusetts and throughout the country. Drunk driving is very dangerous, and safety groups continue to raise awareness to the dangers of getting behind the wheel if you are intoxicated. However, safety groups may need to address the dangers of driving after just one or two drinks, according to a new study.

Neck pain common after car accidents

Car accidents happen every day in Massachusetts. Tragically, some of the accidents result in fatalities and very serious injuries to those involved. In many other cases, however, car accidents only result in vehicles being damaged. At least that's what many people involved in these accidents believe. 

Teens and multitasking behind the wheel don't mix

Distracted driving is a major safety issue for Massachusetts' drivers. Teens are typically seen as the main culprits of distracted driving even though even more experienced and older drivers also drive distracted. While all drivers can succumb to distracted driving, a new study found that teen drivers are worse at multitasking behind the wheel and are more likely to be in a car accident compared to older drivers. 

Trucks involved in many fatal accidents

Truck accidents can result in very serious injuries and fatalities in Massachusetts. It is not a surprise that truck accidents are more likely to cause fatalities due to the large size of the vehicles. However, a new study found trucks are disproportionately involved in accidents in the U.S. 

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