Multi-vehicle crash on Massachusetts’ highway due to icy roads

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Winter weather is upon us in Massachusetts. This means that drivers should be aware of the risks they face on the road this winter. The winter season usually results in slick roads covered in ice or snow, which makes driving more difficult and increases the chance of getting into a car accident. 

Icy conditions recently caused many car accidents in Massachusetts earlier this week. On highway I-290, more than 70 vehicles were involved in car accidents in one day due to icy roads. Some of the accidents resulted in serious injuries and more than 30 people went to the hospital. 

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation said that the accident occurred after a tractor trailer crashed on the highway, causing several multi-vehicle crashes on the highway. Some of the crashes included smaller vehicles going under the tractor trailer and hitting other vehicles. 

Massachusetts State Police said the accidents were caused by icy conditions on the highway and said motorists should avoid traveling in this area due to poor road conditions. 

This multi-vehicle car accident is an example of the dangers motorists face when driving during the winter, especially when temperatures drop below freezing levels or when there has been a lot of snow or precipitation on the roads. 

What can drivers do to stay safe during the winter season? First of all, all drivers should obey the speed limit and drive slower when the roads seem slick or icy. It is also important not to tailgate other drivers and to leave plenty of space between vehicles to prevent rear-end collisions. 

Drivers should also stay focused on the road at all times and be aware of other drivers who may not be driving as cautious despite the poor weather conditions. Drivers should always wear their seat belts and have a winter safety kit in their car in case they are stranded or caught in snow storm. Winter kits can include blankets, food, flashlights and other items deemed necessary. 

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