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December 2013 Archives

Survey: many workers afraid to report workplace injuries

Many people are injured in workplace accidents every year in the United States. Workers in Massachusetts should report a workplace injury right away to help companies address any safety hazards. Injured workers can also apply for workers' compensation but this is only possible if they report their injury. 

Distracted driving not limited to cellphone use

Most drivers in Massachusetts can attest to seeing someone on their cellphone behind the wheel on any given day. Texting while driving or using an electronic device behind the wheel can be very dangerous and result in a car accident. The dangers associated with cellphone use while driving have become well-known in Massachusetts, and many safety groups continue to raise awareness about these dangers.

Are some cars too powerful for anyone to handle?

Last week, many people across the country heard about the death of Paul Walker, the Fast and Furious movie star, due to a car accident involving a Porsche. Now, some are calling into question whether the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT had too much power for even experienced drivers to handle.

Multi-vehicle crash on Massachusetts' highway due to icy roads

Winter weather is upon us in Massachusetts. This means that drivers should be aware of the risks they face on the road this winter. The winter season usually results in slick roads covered in ice or snow, which makes driving more difficult and increases the chance of getting into a car accident. 

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