More pedestrians distracted by cellphones

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2013 | Car Accidents

Using a cellphone while driving is known to be very dangerous and increases the chances of being in a car accident. Many drivers know the importance of not using a cellphone while driving but that doesn’t stop a majority of people from continuing this risky behavior. 

Now, a new study found that cellphone use isn’t just dangerous for drivers but pedestrians too. The study found that pedestrian cellphone use has increased during the last few years, and pedestrian accidents and injuries are increasing as a result. 

The study by Ohio State University found that pedestrian accidents linked to cellphone use have doubled since 2005. They also found that college campuses seem to have the highest risk for pedestrian injuries caused by pedestrians being distracted by their cellphones.

Researchers said that many pedestrians seem unaware of the dangers of using a cellphone while walking. However, it can be very dangerous for pedestrians to use a cellphone. The study reported that distracted pedestrian injuries resulted in over 1,500 pedestrians requiring emergency room care in 2010. Types of pedestrian accidents include falling off sidewalks or bridges and walking in front of traffic.

Distracted pedestrians are at risk for being seriously injured or killed, especially if they are walking in high traffic areas. Pedestrians need to be aware of the dangers associated with cellphone use and take steps to make sure they are not distracted while walking. 

Motorists should also be aware of pedestrians and make sure they are monitoring the road at all times to avoid being in an accident with a distracted pedestrian. 

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