Massachusetts bill would increase speed limit to 70

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Drivers in Massachusetts may soon be speeding along the interstate at 70 miles per hour without worrying about getting a speeding ticket if a proposed bill is passed in the state. A state representative has proposed a bill that would increase the speed limit from 65 to 70 mph on certain interstate highways in Massachusetts.

The highways that would have a 70 mph speed limit include Interstate 91, Interstate 95 and parts of the Massachusetts turnpike, according to the proposed bill. The representative who proposed the bill said roads and cars are designed to drive 70 mph and would lead to more drivers following the posted speed limit. 

The representative said that many other states have increased the speed limit on their interstates to 70 and 75 mph and have seen safer roads because more drivers obey the higher speed limit. He said that Massachusetts should join the many other states that have increased their speed limit on interstates because most drivers drive faster than 65 mph regardless of the posted speed limit.

The proposed bill is supported by many people in Massachusetts but some safety groups are concerned that raising the speed limit may cause more dangerous car accidents since drivers will be driving faster on the highway. 

Speeding is a common factor in car accidents in Massachusetts and throughout the United States. Speeding increases the chances of being injured in a car accident and may also mean that the driver will take more risks while driving.

Raising the speed limit to 70 mph on interstates in Massachusetts may lead to more people following the speed limit, but it could also increase the chances and dangers of getting into a car accident.  

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