Nursing home rights for abused, neglected residents

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Many elderly people move into nursing homes believing they will be taken care of and looked after. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case as more nursing homes are being cited for abuse and neglect against elderly residents.

Common types of nursing home abuse and neglect include malnutrition, bedsores and other physical injuries that result from a lack of proper medical care. Nursing home facilities can be held liable for neglect and abuse that occurs at their facility since it is their responsibility to keep their residents safe.

Nursing home neglect can happen in any nursing home facility so it is important for elderly residents and their families to be aware of their rights while living at a nursing home and what steps they can take if abuse or neglect is suspected. Below is a list of nursing home rights that are designed to protect nursing home residents:

  • Right to be respected and treated with dignity
  • Right to privacy
  • Right to know the services and fees of the facility
  • Right to medical treatment and care
  • Right to manage own money

Nursing home abuse and neglect is a violation of many patient’s rights and elderly residents and their families can take legal action against a nursing home facility that abuses or neglects a resident, especially if that abuse or neglect resulted in serious injuries or illnesses.

Residents and their families are encouraged to report any suspected abuse or neglect at nursing home facilities. The state has a reporting system that allows victims to report abuse or neglect and have their case investigated. If the investigation proves that abuse or neglect occurred, criminal charges may be filed against the facility and/or staff member responsible for the abuse or neglect.

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