Tragic Drunk Driving Crash in Somerville Claims Two Girls’ Lives

On Behalf of | May 20, 2011 | Car Accidents, Drunk Driver Accidents

A recent drunk driving accident outside of Boston left two teenage girls dead and forever changed the lives of many people. The accident occurred at 3:30 a.m., when the driver, Kenneth Belew, 21, apparently lost control of his vehicle and crashed on the McGrath Highway overpass. A total of 6 teens and young adults were in the car, heading to a McDonald’s restaurant after a night of drinking. reported that responding officers found Belew outside of his vehicle, completely beside himself, crying, “I killed her, I was drinking and I’m drunk” according to Ceara Mahoney, an Assistant District Attorney. Police reports indicate that the gory car accident caused the deaths of two 16-year-old girls. The carnage was especially bad because many of the passengers weren’t wearing seat belts – two of the girls had actually been riding upon the laps of other passengers.

This tragic car accident is devastating to all parties. Families and friends will grieve over the loss of their friend, classmate, sister or daughter. While Belew has yet to be tried, it is quite clear that he is responsible for the deaths of two of his friends. Not only does he have to live with that burden, but he faces serious charges in criminal court. The surviving passengers are probably fighting through serious injury and serious psychological trauma.

It is appropriate for this tragedy to be used as a reminder of how lives can quickly end when an intoxicated driver takes to the road.

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