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Car accident with pedestrian sends man, 28, to hospital

If there is a car collision in Worcester or anywhere else in Massachusetts, there can be serious injuries, long-term damage, significant medical expenses and worse. When these accidents involve a vehicle and a pedestrian, the danger of the person who was hit being injured badly or even killed are much higher than they are if the accident is between vehicles. After a pedestrian-car accident, the injured person should know that a full accident investigation must be conducted and that it is possible to receive compensation through a legal filing to cover all that was lost.

Suspected drunk driver seriously injures pedestrian

The streets of Worcester and Massachusetts in general can be dangerous for pedestrians. Drivers are prone to checking their smartphones, speeding, flouting traffic signs and signals and engaging in any number of reckless behaviors. Another factor that leads to danger and accidents is a drunk driving.

Car accident statistics show troublesome rise

Statistics can play a role in preventing car accidents and it is important to understand what they mean. Drivers in Massachusetts should be aware that the most recent statistics indicate that the number of fatal motor vehicle accidents in the state for the first half of 2017 have risen by 21 percent from where they were in 2015 and are 46 percent higher than in 2013. The numbers have remained static from 2016 and 2017. This information comes from the National Safety Council.

Pedestrian-car accident study ranks Worcester as most dangerous

Motor vehicles and pedestrians are meant to share the road. Traffic signals, crosswalks, speed limits, speed bumps - all are in place to keep pedestrians safe and stop drivers from engaging in reckless behaviors that can lead to an auto accident and injuries. Even with that, there will still be crashes that involve a vehicle and a pedestrian. More worrisome for residents of Worcester is that a recent study showed that for pedestrians, it is the most dangerous city in all of Massachusetts.

Police officer injured by alleged drugged driver in Massachusetts

Drivers under the influence of alcohol and drugs are a constant threat on the Massachusetts roadways. A drunk driving accident or an auto accident with a driver under the influence of drugs can do significant damage causing injuries and fatalities. What is often forgotten is how a car accident can affect anyone, including law enforcement who are doing their duties. Injuries and death from an auto accident does not discriminate and the same problems can affect anyone with the costs and damage that can result. Pursuing a legal case is often a key to moving forward after the incident.

Law trying to stop distracted driving moves forward

The number of states that are addressing the worrisome problem of drivers using their smartphones behind the wheel and engaging in other distracted driving behaviors has led to many considering legislation to stop the practice. Massachusetts is the latest seeking to ban handheld device use behind the wheel. Since this is such a problem, drivers who are in an auto accident should be aware of distracted driving as a potential reason for it and consider a legal filing to be compensated.

Can you sue if you were partly responsible for a crash?

Most people understand that if they are injured by a negligent driver, they can sue the driver to recover compensation for their damages. For example, if you are sitting in your car at a red light and a drunk driver smashes into your car, breaking your broken arm, you may file a personal injury lawsuit against that driver to recover the costs of your medical expenses and other damages.

Car runs into bicyclist, causing serious injuries

It is an unfortunate fact that some automobile drivers in Massachusetts often forget that they are not the only objects on the road -- they share the road space with bigger objects such as trucks and smaller, unprotected objects such as motorcycles and bicycles. When a negligent or distracted driver is not paying attention to the road and failing to adhere to basic traffic laws, there is a high likelihood that he or she will end up endangering the lives of others.

Who is liable in a car accident with a car sharing vehicle?

Even though driving is perhaps one of the most dangerous actions Massachusetts' residents engage in on a daily basis, it is also one of the most common ones. As a country, we mostly drive to get wherever we want to go and increasingly now we are outsourcing either our vehicle to be driven around when we are not driving it or volunteering to drive others around for some extra cash. Both endeavors can be highly profitable-the more days one makes their car available, the more they might end up getting paid. But what happens when the car is involved in a crash?

Man charged with drunk driving in head-on collision

When out driving in Worcester, there is an expectation that those sharing the road will adhere to the law and operate their vehicles safely. Unfortunately, there are times when drivers operate their vehicles recklessly, break the law by being a drunk driver, or take part in other dangerous behaviors that result in a car accident. When there is an auto accident, it can alter lives in a significant way with medical costs, a long hospital stay, problems getting back to normal, and even death. Often, legal assistance is the only method to be compensated to cover that which was lost.

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